"What's so brilliant about the gadgets is their simplicity."

 Desmond Llewelyn ('Q' in the James Bond movies)

We design, develop and integrate automated sample preparation systems for analytical laboratories worldwide. Our solutions are based on modular platforms that are recognized as benchmark for this type of applications. If necessary, we have the capability to develop custom modules and write software add-ons. Our approach is pragmatic. Our solutions are relevant, elegant and efficient.

SampleQ is a strategic partnership that combines years of experience of two innovative organisations, i.e. Interscience and Flamac. Throughout the years Interscience has gathered a lot of experience in designing automated systems for chromatography application in the Benelux countries. These systems are applied in both routine as well as R&D laboratories, as standalone units or fully integrated with analytical instrumentation (GC, HPLC, MS). Applications are very broad and range from pharmaceutical screening & metabolomics over environmental analysis to clinical chemistry. On the other hand, Flamac has developed and delivered innovative solutions in high throughput screening. Together, Interscience and Flamac aim to radically revolutionise the way sample preparation is automated and brought to market.

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