The Q Approach
The robot is always right...
True Laboratory Automation

Too often, automating sample preparation is carried out in an extremely narrow bandwidth. Simply translating a procedure to some kind of an overvalued autosampler is already considered a huge success for many of our competitors. In order to successfully implement more demanding solutions, a more profound approach is required.

We consider the entire analytical procedure from prep to rep. Do we have to implement alternative separation technologies to match procedures? Do you really need that 500,000 $ detector to improve overall process performance? These are only some of the questions we address during our project design. Our approach is pragmatic. Our solutions are relevant, elegant and efficient.

Lean Laboratory and Six-sigma

Process optimization, lab efficiency and turnaround time have long been buzz words spread by higher management and fancy consultants. Driven by competitive globalization and ever reappearing cost cut programs, lean laboratory and six-sigma are slowly but steadily penetrating laboratories worldwide. Be sure, it’s not only high volume contract laboratories that need to adapt, also classic QC and R&D laboratories are exposed to the blind fury of economic reality.
We deliver automation solutions that address the most important issues of lean and six sigma. Tedious and time-consuming procedures are automated, thus reducing waste and increasing lab efficiency. At the same time, random errors are eliminated as well, narrowing the global quality window in which the laboratory is able to operate.