Assessment phase for automation
The assessment phase is the most important phase of an automation project. In this phase we carefully investigate how you are practically applying the procedure that is going to be automated. We highly recommend to install a project team at your side as well, in order to have meaningful results as fast as possible. For similar reasons, we often conduct small face-to-face interviews with your analysts and operators, too.

During assessment, we do not only consider the target procedure itself, but we also determine how it is positioned in relation to the other procedures in your lab. Which steps do these procedures share and what are the up- and downstream effects when they are changed? In order to visualize all these interrelationships, we apply techniques such as value stream mapping.

Based on the assessment of your procedures, we are able to provide a detailed project plan
that consists of a set of solutions, an estimated timing as well as a budgetary proposal.


Our Services

Our services are tailored to suit all your sample preparation needs:

   •   Feasibility study
   •   System integration
   •   Process analysis
   •   Advice & consultancy
   •   Validation (CE mark)

Our specialists are available to answer all your questions.

Oil and Fat Seminar

The FAME PAL series, developed by SampleQ some years ago, is our proven solution for automatic derivatization of fatty acids to fatty acids methyl esters.

Based on this experience, our team has co-created a similar solution for the analysis of 3-MCPD and glycidyl esters in edible oils in collaboration with our customers in the Netherlands.

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We provide intense training programs for new as well as experienced users.

Not only proper system operation, but also troubleshooting and maintenance are dealt with in great detail.