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SampleQ Food

  • FAMES Fatty Acid Methyl Esters are measured in all kind of food matrices, ranging from oils and fats to milk and babyfood. Automation of FAMES offers higher productivity and protects the labworker from handling toxic reagents like BF3.
    Download the application note here

  • MOSH/MOAH According to EN 16995 : 2017 . SampleQ developed a complete solution for this challenging application, complete with epoxidation and Alox clean up.
    Watch the video below

  • 3MCPD, 2MCPD and GE According to Zwagerman. These processcontaminants need to measured in oils and fats. SampleQ has been collaborating with the key opinion leader to develop an automated method, measuring all 3 contaminants.
    Download the application note here

  • Beer Analyser Fully automated analysis of vicinal diketones or VDK in beer. VDK compounds play an important role in the development of the beer flavor.
    Download the application note here


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