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Find out which tools we develop

Expand the capabilities of your autosampler easily with the following modules

SampleQ-module1 Exetainer Tray

Module 1

Exetainer Tray for 96 exetainer tubes

SampleQ module2 HST60

Module 2

Cooled Tray for Headspace Vials


Module 3

Heated Syringe Oven

Very Large Vial tray

Module 4

Very Large Vial tray


Module 5

Micro Centrifuge

SampleQ module6 Stirring

Module 6

Stirring Module

SampleQ module6 Stirring

Module 7

Zone Specific Cooling


Module 8

Inert conversion kit

The following IMC-kits are currently available from SampleQ:
- Inert Fast Wash Station conversion kit
- Inert Solvent Reservoir conversion kit
- Inert Vortex conversion kit 

Multi Position H/C-Vortex

Module 9

Multi Position H/C-Vortex

Expand your capabilities with new tools: contact us to find the Q for your lab!

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